Our Rules

If you’re a fan of boxing, then you’ll know that the ‘Queensberry Rules’ are the generally accepted rules of the sport. In popular culture, people talk about these rules representing the values of sportsmanship and fair play. And we’ve come up with our very own version that sums up what we believe in and how we do business.

Rule #1
Design First

Queensberry puts #DesignFirst. We know the importance of a creative design approach with complex urban environments. Our mission is to rekindle civic pride through the developments we build and refurbish, while being sympathetic to the existing urban fabric. We believe that experiential placemaking with wellbeing and community at its core is the future lifeblood of our towns and cities.

Rule #2
Commitment To Community

Queensberry is #CommittedtoCommunity and takes its social responsibility very seriously. We will always find the time to go out and meet with local organisations and residents to share plans and talk through any concerns. This is because we understand that sustainable economic regeneration can only be achieved if we’re all pulling in the same direction.

Rule #3
Holistic Approach

Queensberry believes in a #HolisticApproach to property development and investment. Rather than just thinking outside of the box, we take the box away altogether. We heavily promote the sharing of specialist knowledge and experiences help inform future decisions. Everyone is encouraged to have a general understanding of each aspect of the business so they may carry out their role within it to their best ability for maximum impact.

Rule #4
Stay Focused

Queensberry is a market leader in property development and investment. We #StayFocused on our commitments to our clients and our partners. We excel in knowing our marketplace in order to deliver award-winning mixed-use developments to our partners and strong returns to our co-investors. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on our dependability, know-how, transparency and integrity.

Rule #5

We are proud of the entrepreneurial individuals that we have drawn together to give Queensberry our own unique personality. We believe #Teamwork must be at the centre of everything we do. Each team member brings something different to the table. From experience, we know that the whole is always worth more than the sum of its parts.